The Team

We would like to thank our contributors, whose efforts make this website what it is. These people have helped by imaginating and designing processes, writing code and documentation, and by testing. They have created and maintained the features, its associated development kits and building tools.


Architects, Designers and Code Gurus

Bruno ADIN (J-Way) - Guy BOBENRIETH (J-Way) - Guy MULLER (LuxTrust) - Estelle PFLIEGER (J-Way) - Jim WANDERSCHEID - Steve GILLEN (City of Luxembourg)


Special Thanks To

Carlo BIRLENBACH (City of Luxembourg) - Jean-Marc BOUEYRIE (J-Way) - Marc ELOY (Commissariat Wallon E-Administration et Simplification) - Raymond FABER (Centre Informatique de l'État) - Detlev GOETZ (City of Luxembourg) - Patrick KLEIN (City of Luxembourg) - Patrick RAUSCH (LuxTrust) - Pierre SCHILLING (eLuxembourg) - Bernard VAN GEYTE (Commissariat Wallon E-Administration et Simplification) - Pierre ZIMMER (Ministère de la Fonction Publique et de la Réforme Administrative)



City of Luxembourg, Dept e-City

3, rue du Laboratoire

L-1911 Luxembourg


We built our services using these great tools, systems and standards

  • Eclipse (The Eclipse Foundation)

  • Fire X4150 Servers and Java (Sun Microsystems)

  • FormPublisher Suite (J-Way)

  • Open Source Content Management (Alfresco)

  • Tomcat and FOP (The Apache Software Foundation)

  • W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)